Oh Dear…. (a.k.a. I’ve been busy – I swear)

another creative block

Yeah… my bad for not updating in what’s coming up to six months – and ironically close to the time I completely pinky promised to do a doodle of some sort a day – but new year resolutions are traditionally be made to be broken. Anyhoo, weak excuses aside, I have been far more productive in other ways.

First, I’m now working on plans for the Spring Arts and Heritage Centre’s heritage project, the plans of which are now being adapted into better plans that are more realistic:

Concept the Spring 1

Pictured: Not quite what we’re doing now

And I set myself a new goal: A banner/tapestry/quilt per month – because tedious stress and panicked deadlines are a motivational drug for me. But mainly because I like working in that format, and you better believe I made the most awesome, spectacular, wonderful black on white embroidered tapestries you’ve ever scene…. which I cannot show until I know whether or not it’s got into the exhibition I sent them in for…. but I will show once I get the news.

I’ve also got a new baby of steel and 1200 degree heat in the form of my new tiny (not so tiny) kiln that I am so excited and utterly terrified of firing up having not touched a slab of clay in nearly two years, so that’s going to be some interesting times…

Anyhoo, in these past months I’ve found myself finally clawing myself up and out of that hole of a creative slump which, it turns out, does not come in the form of forcing myself to draw doodles – but instead force myself to quilt and sew and…. craft and create and stuff… so perhaps the best and realistic resolution I can make this year should be more make/plan/work towards something crafty/creative/productive everyday rather than just one doodley form – though I’ll keep that up from time to time.