Cruet Set: The British Museum gift shop

I find Museum gift shops constantly displaying art and craft by artists and craft people inspired by the things they have seen at those museums and The British Museum is no exception. Recently it has been in collaboration with the Craft Potters association to create ceramic pieces based upon some of the current exhibits and the permanent collection. In particular is the work of Linda Chew.

Linda CHew Viking ship

Based on Viking Long ship for the current Viking exhibition

Linda Chew egyptian vase

Nabamunn tomb paintings

pot based on the Egyptian Nebamun tomb paintings

For the current Viking exhibition show they’re also selling glass work based upon the Anglo-Saxon/Viking finds, glass blown by the Swedish company ‘Scanglass’:

blown viking claw glass

original 6thC claw beakers

Viking Claw glasses 6th century BC

bell beaker

original bell beaker

Viking Bell Beaker 9th century AD

Viking cone and stand mock

Viking drinking vessels

Viking Cone glasses, a common design of Viking drinking vessels

Viking glass drinking horn


Viking drinking horns (the modern glass horn here based upon the ones found in Buckinghamshire dated 620 AD)

Interestingly, there aren’t many pieces dedicated to the Celtic art section at the museum – home to one of the biggest collections of Celtic artifacts in the world…


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