In:Site at Birmingham Cathedral Square


So last week on Monday I was sitting in the middle of Birmingham Cathedral Square with a sewing machine and a whole lot of fabric (and there’s footage of it too). The project for Graduates was done by Craftspace who help to promote craft and wanted us to demonstrate our skills to the public and get them involved. Mine involved a look into the lives of those who are buried at the cathedral, plus a little trail.

Each character was drawn in ink, scanned and digitally printed onto fabric (the background I just painted with fabric ink). There are some rather interesting lives if you start digging a little. I might do a later post with a little more in depth about each character I portrayed. At Birmingham you’ve got the wife of John Baskerville (Of Baskerville Old Face font fame – she has her own font, Mrs Eaves, now), the living embodiment of Lord Flashheart in Fredrick Gustavus Burnaby and the more-and-more-interesting-the-further-you-look-into-it family dramas of the gunmaking Grice family.