Doodle a Day: Festival Overthinking Part 3

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And so ends the long-winded story of how I ended up in a field, screaming and getting over emotional, two rows away from Fleet Foxes.


Wild Rumpus Just So Festival


So I’ve just got back from a very soggy weekend (after a fabulous week of weather) from volunteering at Just so Festival, or more specifically helping, collaborating, designing and creating the inside of the village green tent there.

I never want to make or see another fabric flower again… until necessary… but they do look rather good when it all comes together.

The festival itself is family orientated, complete with with tribal tournament and cup at the end for whichever tribe gets the most golden nuggets. I myself was a proud Fox, but there’s also Fish (this years winners) Frogs, Stags, Lions and Owls.

The fact that it chucked it like no tomorrow and yet I still had a good time seems to be a rather good sign… rainy festivals seem to be a growing trend for me…