Doodle a Day: We Serf Hard, We Play Hard

Serf hard, party hard

Party like it’s 1518*

*Dancing plague is no laughing matter

‘Creative Innovations’ in Havant

I’m still doodling daily – only now I’m focusing it more on a new project with The Spring Arts and Heritage centre in Havant based around heritage and community. Havant has a history in glove making that’s grabbed me, so my daily doodle has somewhat turned slowly into daily glove practice for the time being. It’s doodling with stitch I suppose.

Doodle a Day: Stravinsky week


So this week rather than work up to one big strip at the end I’m going to do a couple, starting with a bunch based on one of my favourite classical musicians Igor Stravinsky. Why Stravinsky? (Shrug), seen a couple of the ballets and got a few more doodle ideas than normal – it might go on beyond a week. It turns out being an Avant-garde musician comes with perils, for instance, did you know that after immigrating to America in 1944, Stravinsky decided to compose a version of “The Star Spangled Banner” to honour the country that had been so accommodating to him? He decided to add one more chord than the usual arrangement, a dominant seventh one, to give the piece a little more oompth.

The Boston police decided that this was in violation of the current law stating that “The Star Spangled Banner,” must never be tampered with. I’m not sure if Stravinsky knew this or not, but I prefer to think that he did.*


*Because Yolo