‘Creative Innovations’ in Havant

I’m still doodling daily – only now I’m focusing it more on a new project with The Spring Arts and Heritage centre in Havant based around heritage and community. Havant has a history in glove making that’s grabbed me, so my daily doodle has somewhat turned slowly into daily glove practice for the time being. It’s doodling with stitch I suppose.


The Degree Show

anything but lucid.jpg

Just a few weeks ago was our final exhibition at Falmouth University. Here’s a selection of photos from my final degree project, ‘Anything but Lucid.’

Each cup records a moment, scene, or narration of my dreams. With keeping a dream journal for so long I’ve found that not only do you indeed tend to dream every night (even if you don’t remember), but that it’s somehow far more fun, terrifying or humorous in hindsight by being anything but lucid when I dream.

Lamp Project


This project brief was to simply make a prototype lamp that had something unique about it. IN my case I decided to try and design and make one which could have an opening and closing function about the light to give some control over how much or little light was spreading out.



Initial ideas and concepts worked out using cardboard and other materials. Also working out the main mechanism.


Beginning to cut out the pieces of copper to work on. Copper and brass were the metals available at the time to buy. I made the piece using mainly solder. I also had to use some steel adhesive when it came to attaching the steel clamps I found.


102_3401The finished piece which uses an umbrella like system to open and close the lamp.