Doodle a Day: You’re telling me this hasn’t happened ONCE during a ‘Les Noces’ production?


So there’s an early scene in the Modernist ballet of Stravinsky’s Les Noces, a.k.a. The Wedding, a.k.a the most terrifying fictional wedding to ever be composed, where they show the bride being prepared, including braiding her hair which is/was an important tradition in provincial Russian weddings of that time. This is shown and emphasized by having everyone dance about and around her hair, the length of which rivals Rapunzel, and meanwhile I’m sitting there thinking ‘someone is going to trip and break a neck.’ At several moments I cringe as their feet nudge ever closer to those braids lying around. This ballet has been a thing since the 1920s so surely, somewhere out there in the many¬† rehearsals and matinees, it must have happened just once. My inner Schadenfreude is begging for it to be.


‘Well, I managed to make Springtime terrifying, what’s next?’